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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why is your diesel tuning unit better than a chip?
A) Our unit can be fitted in most cases in less than 30 minutes (some 10 minutes) A chip replacement can take half a day or more.

Q) Will it damage my engine?
A) Our units are designed to improve your performance no more than 30%. So no, this is well within the tolerances of most engines. We have never had to our knowledge an incident where our unit has been responsible for any engine or engine related problem.

Q) Will I achieve the figures that are published?
A) Our published figures are generally conservative so as even the under performing or tired vehicles still achieve these figures and every body is happy.

Q) Why will giving my vehicle more power achieve better fuel results?
A) The tuning unit provides more torque through the engine particularly in the low to mid range. This allows the driver to change gear more quickly even with a automatic so as a higher gear is achieved giving better fuel economy.


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