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How 2's

Vauxhall Vectra V6 CDTI
Weve used the V6 Vectra to show how simple it is to fit one of our Tuning Boxes. Every car is different and will be supplied with fitting instructions and photos(if available) and we're all just a phone call away.

Make sure that the ignition system is completely switched off before starting to fit the DTUK Tuning Box

Remove the engine cover by removing the 4 torx screws .Once screws are removed the cover should lift off quite easily.

Locate the white plastic DN1 connector, just above and to the right of the oil filler cap.

Disconnect plug as shown in picture.

Connect both ends of wiring loom (supplied with the tuning box) to the male & female connectors in the engine,

Connect the tuning box to the wiring loom and replace engine cover making sure no wires are trapped.

Replace the engine cover and we recommend that your place the box down by the side of the battery.

You are now ready for a Test-drive.

The box is set by ourselves before dispatch, and can be adjusted to suit your driving style.

Please contact us before you attempt to adjust the unit, as failure to do so will invalidate your 3 year Warranty.



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