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How It Works

How it Works:
Todays diesel engines have many sensors which are controlled by the vehicles ECU these signals are processed many thousands of times in one second to maintain that the vehicle is running at its optimum efficiency and keeping the emissions and economy at acceptable levels.

The idea behind the tuning box is to intercept the signal between the ECU and the injection system usally the common rail and basically allows it to inject more fuel into the cylinders thus producing more torque and power, and because of this the engine is running more efficiently the fuel consumption is also improved because you would have to use less throttle for similar conditions.

So why don't the manufacturers do this....?
You may have wondered why a manufacturer can have the same engine in different models but they can have different power outputs.

This is not due to the engine mechanics as they are usually built to the same standard, but its down to the software installed into the ECU which governs the engines output.

Manufacturers do this because of the strict emissions regulations and tax bands especially for the company owned driver. Many countries around the world relate their tax levels to the KW output of a vehicle or the emission levels.

All DTUK Systems have been designed to be compact and easy to fit they are supplied complete with the correct OEM wiring loom and connectors for the vehicle application and can be installed with the minimal of mechanical ability thus making it an ideal diy project, most units can be fitted in around 10 minutes and they come complete with full support.

Guarantee - All DTUK Digital Tuning systems come with a 3 Year Warranty. Click here for more details.


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