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POWERKLICK PI  - Performance figures



ONLY 499.95 including VAT and postage

This system is only available by calling 08448 845 007 or by emailing sales@diesel-performance.co.uk


The CRD2 and PD2 systems from Diesel Tuning UK contain some of the most up to date Digital Technology that is currently available in todays marketplace.

Four to eight custom written ignition maps are placed in the memory of either system which can be seleted by you, the end user according to your required driving requirments. This helps us achieve the optimal setting of all control parameters at every level of performance.

This is possible through the use of high performance processors that facilitate the detailed real-time scanning of the ignition maps without influencing the internal protection functions.

Another feature of this New Technology is the ability of the system to adapt to the individual characteristics of your vehicle. Over a short running-in period the memory function detects the individual data of the different fuel injection cycles. The various tolerances are then balanced and an optimal result is achieved with every vehicle without having to make any time consuming adjustments by hand.

Fuel savings as a useful extra effect
An enhanced ignition map leads to raised levels of efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer revs per minute, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption. According to driving performance, savings of fuel consumption of between 10% and 20% are possible, meaning that your tuning pays off very quickly.

Tuning also suitable for diesel particle filter vehicles
A further advantage of this new Digital Technology is their compliance with vehicle emissions standards. Through enhanced burning in all areas of vehicle performance, the fuel is used with 100% efficiency, with soot and smoke being things of the past. This makes these systems ideal for use with vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

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